Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SUNDAY June 26 - in catch-up

I made a holiday of Sunday thinking that a day without a "should" on my shoulder" should please me. A little it did, but by afternoon I was entertaining the idea of working on babies who needed larger eyes (of which I had enough). By late afternoon I knew I would never sleep if I had babies out on my table so I put off the job of picking them until Monday.

MONDAY June 27

In my morning exuberance, I took out every doll kit in my stash looking for large faces. I was surprised how many were small. Good thing the eye order I sent to Sandie was so large. I happily started doing the finger- and toe-nails as I always do. It was only when I turned to inserting eyes I saw how wrong it was follow old customs.
One baby, Lilly, fit her eyes perfectly. Kendal's 22 mm eyes rolled around as if they wanted out of his head. I was very glad to use one pair of the 24 mm for him. However, even the 22 eyes were too big for the next doll so I put her back before I even got her name into my mind. The rest of the day was given to stuffing limbs and the two heads. I was excited about making bodies the next day. I could not figure out why my fibro was acting up so much. I was in such pain I could hardly get in and out of the shower.


I awoke to the terrible pain in my hand and wrist. I was sure I had been struck with carpal tunnel SINdrome for something I had thought or done. I slathered Voltaren creme on my hand, naturally the right one, and slugged down three aspirin. I could not even hold on to my clothes enough to dress with my hand. I had to use my left hand and a lot of slithering and wiggling. After breakfast I had already used up all my defenses against pain so laid down to sleep.
When I woke for lunch all the pains in my hand and wrist were gone! Hallelujah!  Was it the creme or the aspirin? Only as I used my hand and found not the tiniest twinge of pain or soreness did the light go on in my head! I did not have carpal tunnel, but the circus was from fibromyalgia. The Savella, I take every day almost with out thinking about it, that had stopped it!
I ran to the sewing machine after lunch but my day was out of whack. After lunch is my time to rest by crocheting and not the time to sit at the sewing machine. Soon the bobbin ran out and when I tried to use the machine again it made a horrible noise and quit. So did I.


With my best and freshest energy I found the problem with the machine (the thread was catching in the slit in the plastic end to hold the spool from unwinding) fixed it, and the machine ran perfectly. Kendal and Lilly got their new bodies and are sitting  on the photo table waiting on the good light in the morning which Google is promising us.

The eye balls did not arrive from Sandie even though I have her letter she mailed them out express on Monday. Tomorrow is Mary's day to clean so we shall us the sunshine to find the dirt. Maybe the eyes will come tomorrow. In the meantime I have these two babies to fill my heart. I am finding my happiness in their dear faces.

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