Friday, June 24, 2016

I was so eager this beautiful morning to get to the studio to begin photographing this week's crew of babies that I forgot to do my blog from yesterday. From that statement alone you can know that all three did get a body and by the end of the day everyone was happy. That was not the case around noon when I discovered that in spite of  my best intentions, 2 bodies had too small leg caps for the fat-thighed little babies they are. Without losing my temper I simply sewed new caps. While doing this, as I sometimes do when making bodies, I began to feel rather God-like and relate to Him in that way. I wondered if God was sitting on the ridge with His feet cooling off in the ocean. I wondered what He felt when He made a mistake while creating a baby. Did he snap His fingers (thunderclap) and vow to pay more attention or use a yardstick? Did He resolve to make those parts more generous? Or try a new design? If that failed how did He handle the situation with the crippled baby? Did He plan other new, and more generous blessings for the baby and the parents?
All my random thoughts kind of came together while watching Google news (when I had waded through all the opinions on the Brits leaving the Union  of  Europa) about a couple in Sugar Creek, Ohio whose baby was born with part of the brain in a thin-skinned lump on top of his head. A surgeon in Boston, with access to new facilities and a 3-D printer was able to open the child's skull and re-insert the brain mass. The child lives and his parents have been to hell and back. I wondered how much of the bad stuff God took credit for, how much of the new ideas and abilities were His gifts, and how much he guided the surgeon and staff in the process. Now you know why I should stick to making dollies.
Only when I downloaded the photos did I remember that I had intended to share the good news of my newly created worktable. When I got my new machine one of the instructions was to not store it in sunlight. My desk is right there in the afternoon glare so after using a cardboard box for some weeks I hit on the idea of using an overturned basket. So far so good. I also learned to slide the acrylic desk protector to the far side but when the sun is so far north the light still pours in.

While I sewed I set the basket on the floor. Always needing more room to lay together the 9 parts of body, yesterday I did this. I need all the help I can get organizing the bodies for the babes. It seems half the things I need to do anything will spend some time on the floor. With the basket the pieces are within reach. You can see in the photo I had laid out the leg cap with the idea of making it slightly wider.

Moving right along,here are photos of the kids in ther birthday suits .

Here we have Juney and Rina on the bench and then there is Tobias trying to distance himself from the girls while he balances on the jar of headbands.

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