Saturday, June 25, 2016

Have made some changes in my work schedule. It used to be that when I had photographed the individual  babies I thought of myself as 'done' with that crew and joyfully picked a new one. Now I am training myself to put the photographed babies on the boxes by my 'desk' to remember to weigh and measure them before I put them on the shelf. There have been weeks I have forgotten or overlooked this step in the past few months. I used to feel something was missing in my relationship with the babies when I would photograph them and quickly plunk them on the shelves. Yesterday, before I would let myself have the joy of finding a new crew, I made myself sit down to finalize the strings.  I found myself being very happy to be with the baby again, seeing the strings pulled up even tighter and gluing down the ends. It was so good to have these extra minutes cuddling the babies. I found myself talking to them, apologizing for turning them upside down to reach a knot. etc. All this fun meant that I was spending over 1/2 a day on the crew so it was afternoon before I picked out a new one.

Then I discovered I had forgotten to order more small eyes! I was able to get the slightly too-big ones into Sweet and Sassy on the left and one of the unnamed one babies on the right, but I got too tired to finish the the other unnamed one at the back of the tray.
One of the reasons I ran out eye-installing energy was I spent too long trying to get eyes in this Bereanger kit from Spain you can see below. The vinyl was so much harder on this baby. While cutting the eye sockets I actually cut my own finger and bled like a pig over myself until I got a bandage on it. This was the first time I had a mishap with a knife while cutting at least 200 eye sockets. That made me give up on this doll so he/she ended up in a tray.

As you can see (maybe) the eyes are much smaller. I have an order in to Dolls by Sandie who has already written that she will ship them out express on Monday. This baby will sit on the waiting-for-parts shelf along with the Sweet and Sassy with 2 left arms. It was after this that I added the other new crew member who is waiting on his eyes this morning. It is a beautiful summer day and he should have his eyes in so he can see what feels so good.

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