Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The sun did shine yesterday but still the photos needed their light adjusted. I must have punched the wrong button on the camera. At least I was happy with the sunshine and thought I was doing a good job of getting the photos taken.

First on the table was Gracie modeling the new crocheted snowsuits for babies. She seems very aware of her honor and was trying very hard to hold still and to make the cocoon look as good as possible. A few weeks ago I was very unhappy with the looks of the fur piece as part of the set-up but with this suit for winter it looks just right. 

Jason Ching seems a bit shocked to be able to see so well. I put different sleeper on him to disconnect him from his time when his eyes were bad. You can see in the shape of his fingers that his body is from the Ching family.  I took off all the sleepers from the babies I fixed to give them a wash. It was really weird to find all those baby clothes in the laundry load. Took me back to when my kids were tiny like nothing else has been able to do.

This is little Dumplin. She makes me laugh at her determination to be as good as the bigger babies. She already seems to want to be older, more responsible, the baby of babies. She is so small her jammies look a little too big for her and that only adds to her determination. Her little back is already so straight but she cuddles beautifully. I usually don't enjoy cuddling the tiny babies but she was such a delight that I sat with her for a long time.

Okay, now I admit my passion for this new baby. My first reborn, I now find out, was an Ashton-Drake baby sculpted by Linda Murry. I had purchased her from a seller on eBay.  Ever since I got her and fell head over heels in love, I have searched for another one. I felt that I could reborn her into a more cuddly baby if I had the courage to take her apart. I knew I could buy another from A-D for $139, but I wanted to see if anyone had used her mold to make a kit. No such luck. However about a week ago, while scanning eBay, as I do evening to relax, I saw a used Giggles doll. To my even greater surprise I won the auction for a very low price because she came with no clothes and a very honest description. Then I see that this was the first sale by this seller and all my scam alarm bells went off.  Still I felt the doll was meant to be mine so Paypal and I paid. To my delight the seller immediately sent her off. She arrived Monday afternoon. Naked, with a few loose threads and someone had cut her hair but she had no bad smell and was very clean with no dirt or questionable stains. While I was turning her over in my hands she began to giggle! Someone had but batteries in her and turned on the device and left it on. I found that she would giggle no matter where I touched her. My Giggles had the same device but after a few giggles I had turned it off because it was set so loud and sounded too tinny and just awful. This new doll had a lower voice and I loved it. I should have photographed her in her nakedness but I forgot to do it in my delight that I still my Giggles original clothes. I did wipe her down and found only a bit of dust on her face that when was removed made her eyes sparkle even more. In yesterday's good light I was able to get this shot of Giggles 2 wearing Giggle's sandals which Giggles 1 refused to wear in the winter.

The day before I had introduced her to my Giggle twin and the joy I felt having her doubled. I could never really understand people who got their thrills from buying things but suddenly I too, felt that deep feeling of absolute joy of having been able to buy these two.

I have left them on the photo table just so I can look at them whenever I lift my head. I am searching for the best possible place for the pair so I can see them all day long. They look like twins but are not exactly the same. I can easily see the differences. My plan had been to take Giggles 2 apart and reborn her in my fashion, but just now I am so happy with her that making her more cuddle-some is the last of my thoughts. 

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