Thursday, June 23, 2016

Meet the new crew for the week. On the left is Rina from Bountiful Babies. I am amazed what a squint she has but at least her mouth is not grumpy. Next is from the Chinese Moma doll collection made from molds so old the hair is incised. On the right is Tobias from Tina Kewey. All three babies are from one auction on eBay by someone who was very much into saving COAs so all three have their papers.
Yesterday was a very ordinary day in the studio, I was feeling good as it gets now, and the sun finally came through the sea fog so I had enough light to get everyone stuffed. Tobias was a bit of a hassle as his little eye sockets are so wonky that nothing kept his eyes straight. I had even tried gluing them the the night before but by the time the glue dried (thanks warm weather!) the eyes were no longer straight. Then last night I was watching "The Quad Squad"  a series of vlogs about a couple who, thanks to IV, had 4 girls at once. Naturally they were removed 8 weeks too early but I saw in their story how wonky real babies eyes can be especially if they are preemies. Todias fits right in with their reality. When I stuffed his head I got them as straight as I could.
Today is body-making day. I feel the kids are ready to jump out of their trays into bodies I have not yet made so I had better get out of the comfort of the computer chair and get to work.

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