Friday, May 27, 2016

Well, I have been "under the weather" (lower than a raindrop!) and ended up in the hospital in Santa Rosa, but am home again with new blood pressure meds and information of what is going on and feeling a lot better! The other day I was able to pack up the second box of babies which you see really surprised the babies that I was able to do so much.

Werner mailed off the two boxes yesterday and I have two new clients so my future is full of babies. Here is a better shot of the look on Paulie's face.

How is that for astounding disbelief? The old girl still functions! Am crocheting diapers in my downtime.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I am feeling very protected. Yesterday when I came to the studio I found this scene by my chair.

My one copy of the puppy I still have left from this litter,

was down from his top shelf on the rack to sit in front of the glass door, to keep the dark outdoors until the sun shine came in. 

Later when I was taking Elijah's portrait,

( I finally found the car to match his jammies), I looked out the door and there in the sky was

watching over me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I am still making dolls. A doctor is making the job harder by trying to switch my bp meds and my body is not happy with either the changes nor the process.  Yesterday, with the house clean, I paced myself by sitting down often but did get the AA crew all finished. Notice Suzanna, in the middle. She is wearing one of the baby outfits Hans and Carol (most thanks to Carol for shopping; thanks to Hans for paying for it all) sent for Mothers' Day. On the bib is written 'bee cute' which is the message for all of them; be cute so someone loves you enough to take you home with them. Notice, too, some are wearing caps with butterflies on them - my new downtime project.

Every one was very cooperative about jumping into this. So today I need to add the last bits and seal it up. Suddenly I do not have much energy today! I hate that part of the job.

In the very early morning I  made Elijah's body so he went from being this,

 and during the many rests was able to help him into being a being wearing another of the new caps.

He will be on his way to Florida as soon as I get Raspberry finished up and into her new clothes.

Monday, May 9, 2016

This little guy, trying so hard to be helpful, is holding up the Mothers's Day card Bambi painted and sent so it got here on the right day. He seems to be pointing to some of the highlights in the painting while trying his mouth shut.  In her box was more wool from Iceland, and CDs of photos from her trip with Dorje to Europe this winter. I was so busy with long, delightful dialogues from  the kids on the phone all day that I let Werner make off with the photos before I got a chance to peek at them. I found out that even when I am resting, talking on the phone can wear me out.
This morning I started the process of finishing the five bi-racial babies for UCLA. Here is Kimi in the yarn basket as her glue dries in the sun from the glass doors. She looks like she already knows the next destination in her journey and she can see the future. In her lap is her new diaper in pink and white.

Because of this job with five babies, this week's crew will consist only of Elijah. His brother sold last weekend and I forgot to change the web page so he was ordered this week.  He and Raspberry are headed to Florida when I get him made. Thank goodness his brother was waiting for me in the kit stash. Now he looks like this as he got his big blue eyes inserted and spread out his hands and feet as his nails are drying in the sun.

Last night while saving up enough energy to go to bed I finally found on YouTube the simplest instructions in how to crochet a baby beanie cap. Was so gratified that I could make one with my first try that I  continued making them into the afternoon - having a marvelous time. Here even poor Elijah was turned into Elsie with one of the pink ones.

Isn't she darling? I love the little face and think that having a cap would enhance the bald babies' appeal. I love the way the pink color warms and enlivens  everything around it. No wonder pink is thought of as the love color.  I feel Elijah is saying, "Ok, that is enough! Get me together so I can be a baby as the others are."