Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It seems I simply cannot retrain myself to do this blog in the morning. I am so eager to get to the studio to work on dolls (or something!) that I cannot keep myself in the computer chair another minute.  I have tried to slow down my production of dolls until I get another couple of big orders to use up the backlog of babies I have created. I thought that crocheting a dragon might be distraction enough to stop me from ordering more doll kits. Here is the result of this endeavor.

I had to use the colors of yarn I had on hand which resulted in this nursery version, Finally yesterday I got a shipment of better colors so there is hope on the horizon for my dragon production. His nose job needs a trim to get those flames under control.
Here, below,  you can see the studio where I am waiting on the shipment of yarn - meaning Werner had the car out  on his trip to the post office. I do have two babies getting their strings tied off and you can see the spaces on the shelves waiting to be filled with finalized babies. On the floor to the left of Ohmy's leg is the basket of parts for the next dragon already done and waiting on more yarn.

In catch-up I can report that C. in Illinois did get Candy and loves her already. The big question is whether her Mom already in a nursing home can bond with her. C. is very helpful since seeing a grand-baby got a positive response from her. I still carry thoughts and good wishes for Candy in her new home.
In another realm of my life the exciting news is that Rick Paulus, a former calligrapher for President Clinton, commissioned a local artist, Gretchen Butler of Cazadero, to paint an illustration of one of my haiku from A Dictionary of Haiku. Then Rick lettered the haiku on the painting, This is the result.

It is proving to be the most popular of his works in the show, "From the White House to the Sea" as well as his biggest one with a price-tag of $1,325.  It has created some buzz in the community which has pulled me out of the doll world for a few days.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The eye balls did arrive on Thursday so there was a flurry of finishing up blind babies instead of writing in the blog. It seems hard to me to take the time to write in here in the morning because then I am gun-ho to be making babies not typing on a computer. We are going to try to eat earlier so the evening is longer and I hope that in a few days I will have new pain meds to make my life easier.
Because kept making babies even though I did not have eyes to fit them, I ended up with a backlog of babies. Over the weekend I got all of them to the photograph stage and now there is no sun light to help me finish that phase.

 Here all 6 of them are waiting on sunshine. I got an order for Candy to go to Springfield, IL, but put her in a box without a photo. Now I do not know when I can get her shipped or the photos taken. The world seems to be on hold at the moment.